The benefits of vapor cigarettes or ecigs are endless, but here are a few of the best to consider:

  • No smoke or second-hand smoke
  • Vapor does not smell like smoke
  • Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in comparison to using traditional tobacco products
  • You can use an ecig in many places and they offer a great solution when traveling or on vacation
  • Electronic cigarettes are non-burning devices
  • Carbon Monoxide and 4000+ chemicals are produced when a traditional cigarette is burned
  • Electronic cigarettes offer an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes by delivering the desired nicotine via vaporization without producing smoke like a burning cigarette
  • Able to use indoors without any lingering odor
  • No odor left in clothes, skin, breath, hair, car, etc.
  • Sense of smell and taste return
  • No burned holes in clothing due to embers
  • Smoking causes premature aging of skin

Are you tired of people constantly telling you that you need to quit smoking? Are you annoyed that no matter how hard you try, there is still a lingering odor of cigarettes in your clothing? Are you concerned about your health due to the 4000+ known chemicals contained in cigarette smoke? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ecigs seem to be the answer for you!

Electronic cigarettes, or ecigs, are very simple to explain. It is a battery, powering a heating coil, or atomizer, and a tank, or clearomizer. There are many different types and brands of atomizers and clearomizers, as well as batteries. They come in various shapes and colors, and can be mixed and matched for style.

Eliquids are used for filling ecigs, and typically consist of a varying mixture (by manufacturer) of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) mixed with nicotine and flavoring. Nicotine is either naturally extracted from tobacco or it is synthetically produced. We at Sevier Vapor offer only the highest quality PG and VG food-grade bases, the highest quality flavorings, and natural nicotine extract, professionally mixed in a laboratory operating above and beyond FDA requirements. This allows us to offer eliquids in a variety of flavors that will taste the same every time you order! We do not make our own E-Liquid in our store or at our house. It is produced in a LAB environment!