Vaping 101

Just like any new product, it is important for you to know how to properly use & maintain your Vaping equipment. We have put together some basic info to help you get started.


Electronic Cigarette Batteries use lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. This type of battery is widely used in electronic devices due to having higher power output and higher energy storage capacity than a traditional re-chargeable battery, as well as longer lifespan. There is also a reduction in battery “memory” loss which results in longer lifespans in lithium-ion batteries compared to traditional re-chargeable batteries- (the tendency for a battery to store less and less energy over time).

Electronic Cigarette batteries come in a variety of shapes and sizes allowing for different styles of devices, able to be styled for a particular look or function, such as having a square shape, allowing for adjustable voltage and wattage, or adding a USB port to charge a cell phone.

Battery Tips

Batteries come partially charged, however should be fully charged before use to ensure maximum battery memory and longevity.

Use only the manufacturer’s intended charger for your battery.

Do not leave batteries unattended while charging.

Keep your battery clean! Use a cotton swab or paper towel to clean inside and outside the battery connection post, which will ensure proper electrical circuit connection between the battery and clearomizer.

Be sure to keep batteries away from heat and water, and treat with care.

Exposure to excessive heat or moisture will damage the battery and circuitry.

Overheating due to overuse or unattended charging can damage the advanced circuitry protection system and should be discarded accordingly if damaged.

Do not keep batteries around electronic devices, metallic objects, magnetic devices or cell phones.

The inner contact of the battery post (threaded area where the clearomizer screws on) can sometimes be pushed down and unable to contact the coil or charger. This can be fixed by using a safety pin (or other needle-like device) and gently pull the inner contact outward. This is an issue sometimes caused by over-tightening of atomizers and clearomizers. It can be remedied by tightening only until some resistance is felt, and is not necessary or recommended to tighten beyond this point.