What is vaping? Want to learn more about vaping? Electronic Cigarettes are comprised of two main parts- The battery and the atomizing device.

The battery powers the atomizing device which heats the liquid. The liquid usually contains nicotine. Liquid is turned into vapor when heated and delivers the user their desired nicotine when inhaled into their mouth.

Some electronic cigarettes have more parts or elements to them than others. Look alike type electronic cigarettes that look like an actual cigarette are usually made of two parts- The battery and a pre-filled cartomizer which acts as the atomizing device as well as the cartridge to hold the nicotine liquid. Look alike ecigs are usually not refillable and have poor battery function as well as costly cartridge cartomizers.

Disposable ecigs are mostly a novelty to any one who has tried a quality electronic cigarette. Disposables are usually made with poor quality and may sit idle on shelves for many months or longer providing a very unsatisfying experience for the user. We have yet to find a disposable ecig that could come close to meeting our standards for vaping.

About our Vapor Products:

Sevier Vapor offers advanced electronic cigarettes with batteries that can be recharged many times and feature replaceable heating element tank systems that can be re-filled making them a cost effective solution for alternative smoking. Users can taper down their levels of nicotine strength as desired and use the product less or more at their discretion with the availability to fill and re-fill the tank systems with liquids.

Our Manufacturers and Business Partners in the Advanced Ecig Industry:

We offer only the best electronic cigarettes and ecig parts available. We have tested many of the electronic cigarettes in the world and found manufacturer’s that go above and beyond in the electronic cigarette industry to make the best products possible. Our business partners manufacturing practices coupled with our manufacturing specifications make it possible for Sevier Vapor to offer some of the most advanced and premium vapor products available.

Our Business Partners include many reputable manufacturers in our Industry. These companies are considered to be some of the best manufacturer’s of electronic cigarettes in the world because of their advanced products, commitment to quality, improving the technology they have already developed, and earning the title of being names you can trust for high quality manufactured ecigs.

Why Sevier Vapor Products are considered “Premium” vapor products:

We are relentless in our search to offer the best products to consumers includes working closely with our manufacturers to offer the the highest quality and highest grade of materials for the manufacturing process.

Re-chargeable batteries manufactured for Sevier Vapor are seated with advanced short circuit protection and produced with high quality materials free of inferior recycled parts.

All of our tank systems and eliquid containers, used to hold the users eliquids, are certified for vapor product usage: Meaning the products have been certified and have adhered to good manufacturing practices as well as being tested by multiple testing services to hold these certifications.

All products adhere to CE, RoHS, SGS, and TUV standards for their stated use by our manufacturers. The certification standards our products adhere to ensure our consumers receive the highest quality vapor products.


Jason Orrell
Jason Orrell

Just left us a 5 star review

Jason Orrell
February 4, 2024

Went in today to see if they, by chance, had any Dead Presidents juice...they did not but in turn he recommended Sad Boy Happy Ending Blue and it is REALLY good...very smooth, great taste, and no throat burn...great prices too so a win win for all...thx yall and I'll definitely be back

Randy Wiles
January 30, 2024
Shelia Crabtree
January 28, 2024

I can’t believe in this day and time with prices increasing everywhere, the prices for my vape juice is going down in this shop! Brandon is the best and so much help! (Angry Russian) LoL Jefferson City Location

Brooke Shannon
January 17, 2024
Michelle Eller
December 12, 2023
Sarah Webb
November 22, 2023

Great staff great prices! Thank you, Danny, Ronnie, and Jason

Kalan Dean
November 13, 2023

Great staff and great selection!

Jo McCarty
October 31, 2023
Dominick Rowe
October 3, 2023
Tim Stinnett
October 1, 2023

Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I do wish they would let you taste the vape juices like some of the other stores do. I bought my SMOK IPX80 from here and love it!

Theresa Hobbs
September 30, 2023

They are always great! Go check them out

charity king
September 15, 2023

Best store I’ve been to! Great relationship with the workers, extremely friendly and remembers you.

Cheryl Ladd
September 12, 2023

Thanks for all the help and patience 🙏

Betty Lowery
August 31, 2023

Great people

Abram Olin
August 27, 2023

Very Informative and had a bunch of stuff my local shop does not. I was able to stock up on some hard to find flavors. Great store!

Ricky Sweet
August 25, 2023

Best vape shop around very helpful alway s willing to help me anytime i stop bye

August 19, 2023
Patsy Harksen
August 19, 2023

I believe the guy that helped us was Chris. He was very helpful and patient. We had a great experience at the Pigeon Forge location also. You guys sure do have a wonderful staff! ✌🏻

Kayla Trull
August 17, 2023

Was on vacation and my pod device broke and my hotel was no smoking so I drove to the closest vape store that was still open @ 1145pm and it happened to be this shop. Had no clue what I was really looking for just that I wanted a pod device with adjustable wattage and that I needed some more juice the guy that helped me (either Brandon or Chris) was soo..... helpful even though it was like five minutes to close I walked outa there with the best mod I've ever had the geekvape h45 and I was struggling to pick a desert flavor juice and he let me try what he was vaping ( fortified : the rock) and is now my favorite juice I just hope the can ship me more when I run out lol but over all was so happy with my purchase and it didn't cost me anywhere near what I thought it was going to. 10 outa 10 would recommend.

Jason Williams
August 9, 2023
Samatha Ogle
July 23, 2023
John Manning
July 17, 2023
Stephanie Fagan
July 8, 2023

Nice and kind worker but didn't carry my vape

Nick Conard
July 3, 2023
Angela Gregg
June 30, 2023

Always great service and very helpful staff.

Marsha Wallace
June 28, 2023

They were really helpful and friendly

Daniel Harrison
June 23, 2023
Chris Lautz
June 18, 2023

Amazing vape shop!! Customer service is the best and selection is HUGE!! Great owners that are super involved in the vaping community!! If you are in the area make it a point to stop in...you won't regret it!!

Rita McGill
June 14, 2023

Great service

Dan Vaughn
June 1, 2023

Good selection of nicotine and delta products. Friendly staff. Rewards program

Megan Burgin
May 11, 2023
Amber Graham
May 2, 2023

My vape broke and they didn't hesitate to help me fix the problem. My replacement vape doesn't work so I'll update after my next visit

Kelly Sory
April 26, 2023

I can always find my preferred juices here, and the staff is extremely helpful.

Joshua Evans
April 6, 2023

Very clean and well stocked shop. Rachel was super helpful and knowledgeable and very cute!

Mike Hutton
April 4, 2023
Melanise Harris
March 28, 2023

Visiting from New Orleans and ran into Dallas at Sevier Vape Dallas is Fanfrickintastic!!!!!! Broke it down, made it plain, set us up and changed my life. No More Cigarettes!!!!!!! Thanks Dallas

Brian Chavis
March 28, 2023

They had all the options you could ask for and then some. Big thank you to Dallas a employee they very knowledgeable about the products and describing the flavors. Helped me pick out exactly what I was looking for.

jhaque casteel
March 28, 2023

I went and bought for the first time in the store and Dallas helped me understand and picked out vapes and he explained it great, awesome smart person.. prices are reasonable and affordable. Would love to always come back and buy from here..

sharon Buell
March 9, 2023

Love this place

Liz Stone
March 4, 2023

Great vape shop! Tired the Orion vapes for the first time and we loved them! Thanks y’all!!

Carmen Huenefeld
February 26, 2023
Sherry Hughes
February 20, 2023

Absolutely love this shop! Im always greeted with a friendly smile and i’ve never had a bad experience. They carry a wide variety of juice/flavors and seem to stay up to date on the latest mods and disposables. Keep up the great work Sevier Vape!

Sherry Cline
January 31, 2023
joy Kirby
December 16, 2022
crs mama
December 12, 2022
Casey Farmer
November 26, 2022

Phenomenal service and phenomenal owner. I got the opportunity of working with the owner Danny about a technical problem I had with my Vaporesso XROS. He not only went above and beyond by trying to help me fix it but even offered to replace it for me since I hadn’t had it very long and it wasn’t hitting properly. I had shopped there before and loved the service I got the first time. I don’t live very close to this particular location but they are definitely my most trusted go to Vape Shop and they are worth the drive! Don’t hesitate to stop in and check them out, even if you’re just getting started vaping.

Charles Gibson
November 19, 2022
mason Ward
October 28, 2022

Went to a different vape shop earlier that day and that shop made me choke came to this one the same night and the manager set us with the right liquid and made the experience so great the best shop in town definitely come to this one

Clayton Parker
October 19, 2022

Had a great experience there for my first time, excellent staff as well.

Tiffney Page
September 30, 2022

Always have a great selection!!