What is vaping? Want to learn more about vaping? Electronic Cigarettes are comprised of two main parts- The battery and the atomizing device.

The battery powers the atomizing device which heats the liquid. The liquid usually contains nicotine. Liquid is turned into vapor when heated and delivers the user their desired nicotine when inhaled into their mouth.

Some electronic cigarettes have more parts or elements to them than others. Look alike type electronic cigarettes that look like an actual cigarette are usually made of two parts- The battery and a pre-filled cartomizer which acts as the atomizing device as well as the cartridge to hold the nicotine liquid. Look alike ecigs are usually not refillable and have poor battery function as well as costly cartridge cartomizers.

Disposable ecigs are mostly a novelty to any one who has tried a quality electronic cigarette. Disposables are usually made with poor quality and may sit idle on shelves for many months or longer providing a very unsatisfying experience for the user. We have yet to find a disposable ecig that could come close to meeting our standards for vaping.

About our Vapor Products:

Sevier Vapor offers advanced electronic cigarettes with batteries that can be recharged many times and feature replaceable heating element tank systems that can be re-filled making them a cost effective solution for alternative smoking. Users can taper down their levels of nicotine strength as desired and use the product less or more at their discretion with the availability to fill and re-fill the tank systems with liquids.

Our Manufacturers and Business Partners in the Advanced Ecig Industry:

We offer only the best electronic cigarettes and ecig parts available. We have tested many of the electronic cigarettes in the world and found manufacturer’s that go above and beyond in the electronic cigarette industry to make the best products possible. Our business partners manufacturing practices coupled with our manufacturing specifications make it possible for Sevier Vapor to offer some of the most advanced and premium vapor products available.

Our Business Partners include many reputable manufacturers in our Industry. These companies are considered to be some of the best manufacturer’s of electronic cigarettes in the world because of their advanced products, commitment to quality, improving the technology they have already developed, and earning the title of being names you can trust for high quality manufactured ecigs.

Why Sevier Vapor Products are considered “Premium” vapor products:

We are relentless in our search to offer the best products to consumers includes working closely with our manufacturers to offer the the highest quality and highest grade of materials for the manufacturing process.

Re-chargeable batteries manufactured for Sevier Vapor are seated with advanced short circuit protection and produced with high quality materials free of inferior recycled parts.

All of our tank systems and eliquid containers, used to hold the users eliquids, are certified for vapor product usage: Meaning the products have been certified and have adhered to good manufacturing practices as well as being tested by multiple testing services to hold these certifications.

All products adhere to CE, RoHS, SGS, and TUV standards for their stated use by our manufacturers. The certification standards our products adhere to ensure our consumers receive the highest quality vapor products.


Tiffney Page
Tiffney Page

Just left us a 5 star review

Tiffney Page
September 30, 2022

Always have a great selection!!

Mandy Dick
September 28, 2022

Friendly staff

Katie Maurer
September 18, 2022

Went in as soon as they opened yesterday (Saturday) morning in a tizzy. Friday the hubs and I rented one of those slingshots. Well, needless to say...won't go into..I flung my whole mod and everything out of it. Flying thru the mountains.By accident of course. So, Ronnie was there. She is my new bestie!!! She helped me with everything!!! From the new mod and advice about specifics. To juice and my Delta 8. This girl knows her stuff!!! So friendly too! Just loved her!!! Definitely will be back when we come to town again. Thank you for saving my sanity Ronnie!!!😁😁😘😘😊😊

Renae Boissonneault
September 11, 2022


staci morin
August 30, 2022

Always super nice and have what I need!!

Dakota Shorter
August 18, 2022

Janet, Brandon, Jeremy and the rest of the staff are very helpful, polite and professional, never fail to please!

chantel smith
August 17, 2022

Jeremy was super helpful and nice! We came in right before close and he was still very detailed in explaining everything! 10/10 would recommend!!

Melissa Carty
August 14, 2022

Always stop here traveling through. Good service love the selection

August 6, 2022

The absolute best interaction I’ve ever had in a vape shop. Brandon was awesome.

Savanah Hicks
August 5, 2022

Incredible experience each time we visit this shop!!! I went in needing juice and a replacement part for my mod. Turns out most places are sold out or dont sell them anymore. Luckily the guy behind the counter had some in his personal stash and gave me one, he also gave a new tip that matched my mod. True life saver!! We will definitely be going back the next time we are in town!!! 10 out of 10 recommend!!

donna surber
July 31, 2022

Adults 21 or over ,if you vape, this would a the place. I was there 2 days in a row during our stay in the Smokies. Such great customer service, had awesome selections. We bought 4 vapes!! We will be coming back for sure!!!!

Kalan Dean
July 30, 2022

Good service and selection! Everything is well organized and the rewards program works well.

Jake The snake
July 25, 2022
Phil Harrell
July 21, 2022

This place is nice!! Super organized and well stocked!!

Megan Williams
July 18, 2022
Lindsey Carter
July 17, 2022

Brandon was great to work with! We enjoyed our experience!

Elliot OQuinn
July 12, 2022

Brandon King was very helpful and I bought my first vape from Sevier Vapor in Pigeon Forge, TN. I highly recommend talking to him because he taught me a lot of stuff that I didn’t know.

Heidi Brown
July 10, 2022

Love this place! The worker was so friendly & helpful. I usually dread going in vape shops, but I had a great experience here!

July 6, 2022

Very nice and helpful staff

Tyler Sadler
July 6, 2022
daniel newman
July 5, 2022

Just have to say justin was fantastic in helping me with what I needed he was very honest the customer service was great I deff will be back to shop might I add he also set me up so I was ready to all and all great person thank you so much

Sara Guasco
July 2, 2022

Great options and bought 2 disposables one of which I love but other was trash! Nice selection!

Jessica Daniell
July 1, 2022

Went to sevier vapor in Sevierville in omg Rachel is the best have any questions she helps you with what ever it may be yes new to this but she's awesome this is the place you need to go they are great 👍

Justin Beheler
June 24, 2022

Helped me immensely and very kind and informative!

Great selection! Awesome customer service!

James Saviski
June 19, 2022

Neat place

John Harlan
June 19, 2022

Great service

Jud Walker
June 18, 2022

Brandon King, the GM at the Pigeon Forge location is first class!! Excellent dude that really took time to understand what I was looking for and to give solid info to help make a decision! Will definitely do all my future shopping with him! Sevier Vapor is a step above all others!

Brenda Kennair
June 13, 2022

Had the battery I was searching for

Shantay Sawyer
June 12, 2022
Missie Wilson
June 11, 2022

Loved This Place They take your Personal Wants and Catered to what I was looking for

Brandy Driver
June 10, 2022

Excellent staff. I went here while on vacation. They went above and beyond to help me find something similar to what I buy at home, as I could not find it anywhere.

Aaron Hanselman
June 3, 2022

Very Helpful and Knowledgeable Staff

Tom Marshall
May 5, 2022
Tina Cate
May 2, 2022

Very nice staff and prices aren't bad either. They actually carry Coastal Clouds which is the only brand I really want to vape but sometimes it's difficult to find.

Michael G
April 29, 2022

We came to the area from out of state and decided to look for some new juice. The manager was extremely helpful in setting my wife and I up with new mods. Met with the owners and stuck around for about an hour just talking. Great people and great shop!

April 27, 2022
April 22, 2022

Nice selection of vapes and delta products.

Peter Tanner
April 17, 2022
Amber Eggers
April 17, 2022
April 12, 2022
Margaret McKay
April 11, 2022
Frank McCarter
April 9, 2022

Love this place. They are my#1 stop for my vaping needs.

Patrick Harper
April 8, 2022
Ab Bailey
April 4, 2022

Great store !! Brandon and Delvin great customers service.

Mr. unconditional
March 31, 2022

I had to evacuate my place in wears valley last night because of the Hatcher mountain fire and dropped my juice while loading my pup in the truck. While having flashbacks of losing everything in Hurricane Katrina cause I’m from New Orleans, I pulled into the shop as they were closing. Most employees aren’t thrilled with last second shoppers pulling up, and they rightfully might not be super patient but my dude working was as welcoming as can be. He went above and beyond with his service and that made my night so much better. I found my exclusive vape shop, truly legit service and a nice shop.

Amy Lane
March 28, 2022

We love it here.So helpful and the best products in town!!!